what keeps us whole

We’re so caught up in our everyday lives that events from our past are no longer circling our current state. With too much to think about and too much to maintain, it’s easy to forget and tuck away what we’ve lived, what we’ve touched, who we’ve loved. But even still, there are some things, instances and people that will forever be implanted into our hearts.

even through time passing,
and all that takes place
in the interlude of life,
there are certain things we can’t
— we won’t —
give up on or give to oblivion.
memories and anchors we can’t
— and shouldn’t —
get rid of or have taken away.
they’ve kept us grounded,
made us better.
they’ve replaced the dark with light,
like how the moon makes way for the sun,
even to mask its own face behind its glow.
and they’ll remain here forever,
rooted deep into our souls.
like paradigms of what keep us
w h o l e.

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