just like that

i was sitting with my legs half bent and my head rested against your chest as you brushed your hand across my skin. i whispered to you, “i’m glad you’ve let me in,” and then you leaned in and kissed me like you meant it. we can keep our hesitations as long as we ditch our expectations. as long as we keep doing it just like that.

Love me like a fast turn on a night ride
to the top of Twin Peaks, with only the moon
lighting up the sky. No town or people anywhere
to be found, just a hungry animal moving slowly
through the backwoods nearby. Love me with
your eyes closed and the sound of dripping pipes
being the only measure of time we have. Do it
and don’t ask, don’t wonder, don’t think. Tear
the buttons off of my dress and toss them one
by one into the lake where sunfish lurk just
beneath the surface, their cold fins waving,
waiting to be greeted. Love me on the hood
of a pickup nobody has touched in years,
sunk to its fenders in dead sunflowers and
weeds in the middle of nowhere; and in the
daisies, with your hands on my warm cheeks
as we listen to the sound of silence passing
us by. Love me when you’re lonely, when your
heart is full, aching or empty, when we’re both
too restless to speak. Love me when you don’t
believe in anything or anyone. There isn’t
anything else, it doesn’t matter, it never
mattered. Lie down with me and love me
with your heart still beating. The road comes
to a curve here, I’ll turn up our favorite songs
as we keep going. We won’t turn back as long as
you love me, as long as you keep doing what
you do just like that.

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