there’s always someone trying to play Christopher Columbus:
hide & seek, missing puzzle pieces, secret admirers.

after being found to only be so easily forgotten,
i now take no interest in being discovered.

pick me in a field of dandelions to only wither me away.
re-circuit my airways to breathe with the moon, close yet
unexplainably far. push me against ocean tides until i’m
vast washed that you’d need countless search parties to
find my pieces.

there’s softness in being lost;
a tangible marvel that people recycle
while they’re so consumed with searching.

but there’s more to be found when you lose
your greatest enemy,
your oldest friend,

We’re so caught up in our everyday lives that events from our past are no longer circling our current state. With too much to think about and too much to maintain, it’s easy to forget and tuck away what we’ve lived, what we’ve touched, who we’ve loved. But even still, there are some things, instances and people that will forever be implanted into our hearts.

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It comes for a visit every now and then, but usually fleetingly. When it’s here to stay, it walks right in, bags in hand, ready for room and board. I always wish for it to leave, but it’s here to settle in for good; and the most frustrating thing is that there’s no real reason for it to be here. I’ll be having the best days I’ve had in a long time, feeling well mentally, physically and emotionally, with nothing to worry about.

Which means there’s everything to worry about.

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