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One of the greatest struggles many of us face is how to let go of things we’re unable to control. We’ve often been taught that letting go of control goes directly against our modernized, industrialized way of living — after all, we always strive to remain the architects of our destiny. That’s what I learned growing up from teachers, magazines, songs, movies and so on, at least. My DNA simply did not allow things to merely happen on their own — I had never been one to sit back and passively let life do its thing, and that kind of free-spirited, carefree mindset never played a role in my life. Over the years, however, my perspective has significantly shifted, for the better. I’ve learned how freeing it is to let go of control, or at least understand and accept that there’s only so much we’re able to control in our lives. If you also struggle to cope with difficult situations that are beyond your control, continue reading for tips on how to overcome this.

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I use to think that the closer we get to our thirties, the more “serious” we should start acting and viewing our lives. It’s also been a period in life that I’ve generally been afraid of reaching, out of fear of not being where I “should” be or not having achieved certain milestones — at least based on what society and others tell you. Over the past few years, I’ve learned and continued to appreciate the importance of slowing down in life, a lesson I believe everyone can gain great value from. 

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i was sitting with my legs half bent and my head rested against your chest as you brushed your hand across my skin. i whispered to you, “i’m glad you’ve let me in,” and then you leaned in and kissed me like you meant it. we can keep our hesitations as long as we ditch our expectations. as long as we keep doing it just like that.

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there’s always someone trying to play Christopher Columbus:
hide & seek, missing puzzle pieces, secret admirers.

after being found to only be so easily forgotten,
i now take no interest in being discovered.

pick me in a field of dandelions to only wither me away.
re-circuit my airways to breathe with the moon, close yet
unexplainably far. push me against ocean tides until i’m
vast washed that you’d need countless search parties to
find my pieces.

there’s softness in being lost;
a tangible marvel that people recycle
while they’re so consumed with searching.

but there’s more to be found when you lose
your greatest enemy,
your oldest friend,