welcome to my world of words.

I’m Danah. Just a little human in rhythmic reverie: a steady state of being pleasantly lost in my thoughts; a daydream. A feeler of feelings, a thinker of thoughts, a writer of words. Almost anyone can learn to think or believe, but we can never be taught to feel. Because every time we think or believe, we’re like a lot of other people — but the moment we begin to feel, we become nobody but ourselves. I’m here to unapologetically be the fullest version of myself.

I’ve been riding 32 years on a merry-go-round: going and going, stopping along the way, not necessarily arriving at a particular destination. Floating amidst a daydream of familiar yet foreign lights, sounds and colors. Making wishes on everything from shooting stars, 11:11, fallen eyelashes, dandelions, straw wrappers, pennies, light tunnels. Anything to make me feel a little more alive in a world that can sometimes feel everything but.

I’ve never been good at about me’s. I’ve already gone back to this more than five times, and will likely continue to do so. I either say too little, too much or nothing at all. Sort of like how I think. I suppose we all aim to find and present a happy medium of ourselves.

I’ve long kept my most intimate feelings, thoughts and words to myself out of fear of vulnerability and what that’s done to my heart. But I’ve come to realize that vulnerability is not a choice. It’s encapsulated in our nature, which makes sense as to why it’s always been cathartic whenever I do pour everything out of my inner bottle. This space will be a safe haven for just that, for both myself and for you, to feel, to think, to be and to share — my innermost me and your innermost you. A comfort zone to get out of a comfort zone, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I believe there’s no right or wrong answer or method to being oneself, so long as you are. I believe that everyone has an inner spark waiting to be ignited to make their world a bit brighter. I believe that every single feeling and every single thought and every single word hold immeasurable weight and incomparable meaning. I believe that everyone deserves to pick themselves back up more times than they’ve fallen apart.

I’m here to take what’s been bent or broken, what will inevitably bend or break, and put it back together, word by word, until every piece is thoughtfully aligned. I’m here to create something to inspire and ignite you, through poems + proses, personal ramblings, practical, useful good-to-knows and whatever else needed to awaken your soul. Raw + unfiltered — the way it should be.

I hope you’ll escape into this daydream with me and stay a while.

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